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Yinghui Packaging Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a production and operation of all kinds of packaging mechanical equipments professional company. Company is located in Foshan city, Guangdong province “National Torch Plan Foshan Electric Products Industrial Base”. It covers more than 17000 square meters, factory area planning is rational, and the first design has an annual capacity of 200 machines.

Over the years, Yinghui Company has always adhered to the tenet of “develop packaging plants that needed by customers to satisfy your customers”. It continuously introduces German technology, uses imported core components, aims at development and research of new products, and provides excellent packaging equipment needs for wet goods, beverage, condiment, foodstuff, chemical industry, and other industries. The modern equipment, advanced numerical control machining machine tools, well-qualified professional team and high-class after-sale service make company won praise and affirmation from customers. At the moment, company’s products have been spread across the country; major clients are Yanjing Beer, Hainan Coconut Palm Group, Tsingtao Beer, China resource snow, and other large-scale enterprises.

Scientific and strict management is the basic guarantee of modern enterprise efficient and accurate operation. Yinghui Packaging Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has passed ISO-9001 series system certification. Company’s enormous product quality assurance systems are composed of a complete set of scientific and perfect quality assurance system, high-level internal control standards, and every employee’s meticulous work ethos.

Yinghui Company wholeheartedly provides customers with top quality after-sale service, rational spare parts supply and perfect technical promotion solution. We warmly welcome the friends of various circles, both at home and abroad, to come to guidance and cooperation.