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Pre-cutting labeling machine
  • Pre-cutting labeling machine
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    Pre-cutting labeling machine

  • Number:Y24
  • Date:2013-05-30

1: Product Name: YHY24 迴 hot melt adhesive pre-cut labeling machine
Equipment Type: Y24
Number of bottles: 24
Production capacity: 30000 ~ 32000 bottles / hour
Bottle type: 50 ~ 80mm round
Bottle height: 130 ~ 300mm
Standard type: The maximum height of the label paper is 120mm, and the maximum length of the label paper is 280mm
Power supply voltage: 380V 50HZ
Supply pressure: 0.6MPa
Overall dimensions: L: 3100 * W: 2300 * H: 2200
Equipment weight: 4000Kg

II: The main features
◆ The use of rotating labeling method, can accurately carry out the glue, take the standard, brush standard, complete labeling
◆ Suitable for pre-cut label labeling
◆ The centering and centering bottle holders are used to ensure accurate positioning and reduce label consumption.
◆ Automatic program control, easy to operate, easy to adjust
◆ Machine for centralized lubrication, and has a protective door, safe and convenient operation